Join us for the twentieth annual Wing Off - Saturday, June 17th, 2023

Winners summary and pictures are forthcoming.

Everything isn't back from the Photo Hut yet, but once they are we'll do our best to get everything posted.

Appreciate your patience, and stay tuned...

Team name

Recipe namePoints
Prime Lending
HeebBest New Cook - Highest score of 484
Prime LendingHeebBest Overall 1st Place – 484/500
Prime LendingTeeterBest Overall 2nd Place – 475/500
H2 - Brett HollingsheadHoney BlueberryMost Original 1st Place – 50/50
Team Simms - Wagdi Bisharat
Colonel Mustard
Most Original 2nd Place – 48/50
Cluck N Huff
Hot Foolish Fowl
Hottest 1st Place – 47/50
Fly Food Truck
Ryan Chesler
Gas SauceHottest 2nd Place – 41/50
Salsa Boss
Boss Sauce
People’s Choice 1st Place  - 83 votes
Recipe #43People’s Choice 2nd Place - 75 votes
FezFez Family Traditional466
WillmorthSignature Wing Sauce466
LasleyThai Wing w/ Sweet Chili465
MendiolaKorean BBQ Happy Ending


SimmsSawtooth Saddle Sore Show Down459
SimmsGhost Krispy Treats Unicorn Edition457
Kempature 208Balanced Atomic Buffalo450
Kempature 208Winnie The Poo Burner447
Kempature 208Babamix Habanero444
RockharborOnion Delight441
Cluck N HuffRe-Thai-R-Ments437
RockharborThe Reapers Ghost436
AndersonBaddys Yum Chicken435
Salsa BossBoss Sauce Original431
AndersonKen's Chili Lime431
Kempature 208Chipotle Alfredo419
GeigerHoney Sriracha405
Salsa BossChipotle Boss393
Salsa BossBoss Sauce Dry Rub382
GeigerJamaican Jerk372
MadsenVick's Wings You Can Actually Eat360