Join us for the twentieth annual Wing Off - Saturday, June 17th, 2023

trophy categories:

    Best Overall

​      Most Original


      People's Choice

(People's Choice winner determined by voting cards tallied from guest event packets obtained via donation)

Scoring criteria for wings:

  • Was appearance the intended color, and uniformity?
  • Was the wing over/undercooked?
  • Was the wing unintentionally dry* or too greasy/soggy?

          *Dry rubs would qualify as intentionally dry

  • Was the wing free of unintentional* burning?

          *examples of intentional burning would be grill marks or searing

  • Was skin in tact?
  • Is the overall look of the wing appetizing?


  • OVERALL TASTE -- 75%
  • Was flavor and texture acceptable?
  • Was the sauce overwhelming, or barely noticeable?
  • Did the sauce contain the right amount of intended kick*?  *Kick can be defined as flavor or spice…and everything nice
  • Did it have an aftertaste (desirable/undesirable)?
  • Most importantly: Did you want to eat the entire wing, and ask for seconds?

       Each judge will also be able to select eligible wings for the Hottest, or Most Original categories, but these categories will be evaluated independently using a mixture of the above criteria.
Judges will not discuss their opinions until after the event (although some opinions are sometimes expressed via the universal choking gesture).

People's Choice

       For those of you who have not judged before, there is a People’s Choice category for all food items (brownies, deep fried goodies, wings, etc.)
Here is how the People’s Choice will go down:

       Each attendee can vote for their favorite food item using the People's Choice voting ticket provided with their paid donation packet.  Attendees are responsible for clearly identifying the cook name and recipe name on the back of the People's Choice voting card, and submitting at the judges table.
       We will also make announcements to remind people to pick up a voting ticket, but ultimately the cooks will need to be the ones encouraging folks to vote (via any means necessary) for their various food items that are competing for People’s Choice.  Judges will tally the votes for each People's Choice entry and winners for People's Choice and People's Choice Honorable Mention will be announced during the awards ceremony.

There is no cost for wing cooks to enter the judged competition.